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Up in the air

Amman – Al-Israa News – Exclusive - You wake up every day, eat your breakfast, take your coffee and leave home heading to work. You work as hard as you can and dream about your vacation and which country you wish to save enough money to visit next holydays. But what if one day you wake up ate your breakfast, took your coffee, then drove a long ride to the airport, entered to a special longue and when the time came they called for you to take your flight and you went through a special corridor leading to a door only certain people are allowed to go through, saw your ride and took the little staircase up to the cockpit, took your seat, took your wheel, and announced the beginning of the trip and the beginning of another new day at work!!

What if your work was up in the air traveling all the time to get people home feeling all their longing to their beloved ones or to get them to places they’ve never been before seeing all the excitement in their eyes? People who put all their trust in a single person to fly them through sky safely and that is you .. what if you were a Pilot?!

We met the captain Jameel Al Omoush one of the first pilots in Jordan with a great CV and an amazing flying hours record and we asked him about the everyday life of a pilot.

- First we are honored to have this interview and grateful for your precious time. Can you introduce yourself to readers, please?

Thank you. I am Dr. Captain Jamil Amoush. I’m 55 years old Jordanian pilot with more than 12000 Flying Hours , more than 30 years in flying as a pilot ,instructor, examiner OPERATIONS INSPECTOR, AIR CREW INSPECTOR, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS TRAINING SAFETY IN AND OUT SIDE JORDAN. No ACCIDENT or INCIDENT (THANKS TO GOD)>

I have PhD in PSYCHOLOGY. I flew more than 10 types of PLANES, I flew around the Globe in more than 90 countries, I had Jordan international flying record in the Glider 6 HOURS without engine.

-Why did you choose to become a pilot?

Pilot job t is very interesting, there is no routine, it is different everyday,    each flight has different destination, different weather, and different environment all around the world, you leave ground, you fly to the sky for hours between clouds and up there you see the ground from 45000 ft above. It is magnificent views

-What are your working schedules?

3-4 flight every week, you leave your country to another country. Sometimes you stay for 2-4 days outside.

-How would you describe the life of a pilot?

It is a lot of variables. Every day you have different places, different people, different food, and different scenes. Sometimes you take breakfast in Amman, lunch in Paris, and dinner in New York!

-What risks are involved in such career?

Yes there is always a risk either in take off, or in the air, or on landings, but it is calculated risk, so you should be ready anytime, alert, and take the proper action in very short time.

Pilot's job is dealing with seconds, not hours, so you should take action    within seconds and you do many things in the same time.

-Do pilots retire early?

Yes pilots retire at the age of 65 for commercial flights, but he can fly with private flights as long as he fits medically.

-How does your job affect your social life and your relationship with family and friends?

Yes it is difficult to have perfect in social life. You might stay 75% of your time outside away from home.

-What is the best and the worst thing about being a pilot?

Best things is to be a pilot and to travel to all parts of the world and see different kinds of people and different places, and to make friends all over the globe.

The worst is the high risk in this job, responsibilities, a lot of challenges, being away from family and friends.

-Would you recommend it?

Yes, if you love flying, love the challenges, you can adapt with varieties.

-What is the key of success to a pilot and how do they define success?

The key success to pilots is the ability to adapt and handle the stress.

And to be logic and to keep safe, and be discipline, pilot job needs the following: Awareness, team work, communication, proper decision on the right time, good management and technical skills. This can be achieved by proper selection of pilots and high standards of training.

The success in my job is to bring the aircraft safe to the ground and make my passengers happy in the flight and make money & good reputations to my country and my airline.

-What is your ambition after that?

To Write a book about my travel to more than 90 countries around the world, to give lecture to pilots on safety and human factors in aviation.

What do you do when you're on vacation? Travel?

My job is travelling all the time, in vacation I prefer to stay home with family, or take family to a place where they prefer.

-Do you see sky differently than everyone else?

Yes of course , sky up there nothing similar to it ,especially in early morning before sunrise, in the evening just after sunset ,or when you have clouds or rain and snow.

-Would you like your son to become one?

Yes I told him it is up to you if you like it, he flew with me and saw the cockpit and flew in the glider, so I expose him to the flying environment

-What is the worst incident that happened to you, and how it did affect you and the staff?


I was flying at 37000 ft high above Russia, and just above clouds, I saw Russian A/C flying opposite direction at the same height, and the TCAS (warning system) started giving me warning climb, climb so in less than one minute I climbed to avoid collision with this A/C , and it was near mess, it was real dangerous, and staff and PAX were scared when they saw the A/C just pass below our A/C ,so I reported the incident to Air traffic controller to take action against this A/C CREW.

-What is the funniest incident that you can remember?

I was flying from MOBAY to Dubai, and after one hour the FA started to serve food to PAX, so one of the PAX an old man, throw the tray on the FA Lab, she started crying, she came to the cockpit and told me, so I went back, I asked why he did that, he said I did not like the food, so I told him, you violated the Air regulation, so when I arrive to Dubai, I will call the police, then after 10 minutes he came to the cockpit to apologized, I told him, it is up to the FA, and he ask her to forgive him and he will pay any damage to her skirt and her clothes, then she asked me that she accept his apology. so I dropped the case.

-What are the most critical moments in flying?

The most critical moments in flying is to have engine failure during rolling for take off.

-What are the qualities that should be present in a pilot?

There is a selection process, to select the proper persons to be a pilot. The selection process include many tests, psychologically, and physically, and skills, (TECHNICAL, PERSONNEL); Technical: should be highly qualified in the technical knowledge and all flying activities. Professional: to carry out his duty. Personnel: a Pilot should be very organized, strictly compliance with rules and regulations, logical thinking, responsible person, high degree of awareness, be patient with good communication ability, positive attitude, and physical fitness.

-What do you think if a woman wanted to be a pilot?

Women pilot is doing a great job, some airlines have more than 5% of pilots women,  in Jordan more than 12 ladies as pilots, now with new technology flying become easy to women, I encourage women to join  flying jobs as pilots or engineer, controller.

-Have you ever had a feeling that you should not fly, and you were right?

Yes, some times when there is very bad weather, or you are sick, or you have family issues, I advise not to fly, because your efficiency and performance will decrease.

-What do you think of the increasing incidence of airplane accidents worldwide?

I am expert in flight safety, it is my favorite subject so I see the accidents are reducing dramatically comparing with previous decades, now the aviation industry moving fast towards the safety culture requirements and achieving promising record, Travel by the Air is much safer than any other transport sector by land, or sea.

-Have you ever wished that you have your own plane?

 Off course, it is my dream to have my own plane.

-Last but not least we would like to express how honored and proud we are to have such professionals devotees and motivational characters in our beloved country Jordan, experts in their profession and very humble about it, and accept our sincerer wishes of a great future in you personally and for the aviation career in Jordan in general.

Thank you so much.

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